c64I don't need no love

Arranged by: Dafunk (act)   Veteran
Member: Dejan Subotin (dafunk) (member)
Original composer: Dejan Subotin (DaFunk)
Tune length: 2:45
Release date: 27/12/2011
All-Time rank: 1467.
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6 LMan shouts: Very emotional. This needs a "My Immortal" esque rock ending.:)
5 kwed shouts: Not to knock Slaygons singing for this (very nice) track, but my brain keeps telling me it should have a woman on vocals.
6 Mordi shouts: Nice use of vocals!
6 jailbird shouts: Amazing, as always!:)
1 commodoremuseum shouts: What is this @&%$ doing on here???
4 carpii shouts: Not my favorite Dafunk track, but the piano is nice. It certainly doesn't deserve a green face like someone has left
1 Willi-Wepster shouts: So boring
3 Zilog shouts: Usually love Dafunk, but the voice/lyrics just don't do it for me on this one
6 Digge shouts: Lovely and emotional tune :)

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