c64Elektro Lok (Allgemeine Frequenz)

Arranged by: Das Karl Werk Projekt (act)   Veteran
Member: DHS (member)
Original composer: Mark Waldaukat (Heinmukk)
Tune length: 3:41
Release date: 19/06/2005
All-Time rank: 1107.
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6 LMan shouts: Another fantastic electro tune by Karl Werk Project.
6 kwed shouts: <Bleep! ... Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! > I've been craving good elektro remixes for ages so this is a godsend. Superb, simply superb. More! More!
6 Waz shouts: Another excellent effort from Karl Werk Project, retaining all the feel of this underrated SID and adding nice elektro touches throughout. Shows if you take on a scene composer's work and don't stick to the usual tunes covered, you CAN make great work.
6 load_error shouts: Yep yep Electroclash!!! Ok for me!
4 aero shouts: Not really my type of music..
2 ozzy1 shouts: To noisy
5 ifadeo shouts: Real good remix, with a great electro touch! The only weak spot is this 'house' vocal sample...
4 eliot shouts: Hard to vote. In essence it does not touch me, but is very well made.
5 vernest shouts: Nice elektro - maybe a bit too much 1990 house and too little clash to make it go Outstanding. ;-) Keep up the excellent work, a bit more porn and it's perfect.
1 ceti shouts: Mensch das hier find ich echt schrecklich.. Sorry
3 anaconda shouts: Not my cup of tea at all. A bit too monotone, but I guess that's the genre. I guess this is a good tune to those who like the style.
6 infamous shouts: W00t w00t \o/ \o/ \o/ this is bloody awesome.. Ive just wet myself.. Play this on something loud if this was a barbarian it'd be conans twin brother with 4 arms and a headache.. AWESOME!
1 beldin shouts: Headache causing, monotonous, and disturbed with way too much distorted German speech.
6 devilhood shouts: Consistantly electronically pleasing *g*
3 weasel shouts: Hmm... Tooo repetative for me! Sorry... Seems not to be my cup of coffee here...
1 bitmage shouts: A monotonously repetitition of synthethic sounds... Very boring.
6 Dan shouts: Superbly electro and toe tappingly weird, great work and def something different
6 Skitz shouts: Awesome - how did I miss this one!
1 nec5 shouts: This is just plain annoying.
5 omoroca shouts: Schmerz, Vergnügen, Traurigkeit. All in one song! In contrast to many other remixes, this one is so good BECAUSE it sounds so experimental. Great!
5 symbols shouts: Hey hey its kraftwerk meets c64 NICE!!!
6 nummer2 shouts: One word: WOOOOOOOOOOW :D
4 condor shouts: I like this one, but I hate that female vocal sample.
6 meian shouts: Outstanding.

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