Elektro Lok (Allgemeine Frequenz)

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Mark Waldaukat (Heinmukk)
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Another fantastic electro tune by Karl Werk Project.
<Bleep! ... Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! > I've been craving good elektro remixes for ages so this is a godsend. Superb, simply superb. More! More!
Another excellent effort from Karl Werk Project, retaining all the feel of this underrated SID and adding nice elektro touches throughout. Shows if you take on a scene composer's work and don't stick to the usual tunes covered, you CAN make great work.
Yep yep Electroclash!!! Ok for me!
Not really my type of music..
To noisy
Real good remix, with a great electro touch! The only weak spot is this 'house' vocal sample...
Hard to vote. In essence it does not touch me, but is very well made.
Nice elektro - maybe a bit too much 1990 house and too little clash to make it go Outstanding. ;-) Keep up the excellent work, a bit more porn and it's perfect.
Mensch das hier find ich echt schrecklich.. Sorry
Not my cup of tea at all. A bit too monotone, but I guess that's the genre. I guess this is a good tune to those who like the style.
W00t w00t \o/ \o/ \o/ this is bloody awesome.. Ive just wet myself.. Play this on something loud if this was a barbarian it'd be conans twin brother with 4 arms and a headache.. AWESOME!
Headache causing, monotonous, and disturbed with way too much distorted German speech.
Consistantly electronically pleasing *g*
Hmm... Tooo repetative for me! Sorry... Seems not to be my cup of coffee here...
A monotonously repetitition of synthethic sounds... Very boring.
Superbly electro and toe tappingly weird, great work and def something different
Awesome - how did I miss this one!
This is just plain annoying.
Schmerz, Vergnügen, Traurigkeit. All in one song! In contrast to many other remixes, this one is so good BECAUSE it sounds so experimental. Great!
Hey hey its kraftwerk meets c64 NICE!!!
I like this one, but I hate that female vocal sample.

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