Arranged by: Das Karl Werk Projekt (act)   Veteran
Member: DHS (member)
Original composer: Antony Crowther (Ratt)
Tune length: 3:30
Release date: 18/02/2008
All-Time rank: 1102.
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5 Amok shouts: Just a very good track...
5 brix shouts: As expected from the Karl Werk Project: Strong Tune!
4 eliot shouts: Quite nice, but nothing special for me...
5 Caboose shouts: A little straightforward, but quite nice still!
5 bastard shouts: Niiiiiiiiiiiiice
5 jaytee shouts: Very good all round meaty goodness!
4 truck shouts: While it is good, it just strikes me as Debris mashup, and Ronny's original just didn't need augmenting. Quite frankly, I'd rather hear Debris.
5 prowler shouts: It got all the ingredients a good sid-remix needs, just need some twist or extra to make this a red one.
4 omoroca shouts: It's Ok but nothing special!
5 LaLa shouts: Doesn't have that Kraftwerk feeling I expect from Das Karl Werk Project. Solid production, good arrangement, but nothing special.
4 Waz shouts: It's nice enough, but it just doesn't press as many buttons as it should. Arrangement is solid enough.
5 chilli_uk shouts: Its different yet so so twee - nice work
5 Nebdar shouts: Very good but nothing special it will stay
5 condor shouts: I love this electro stuff, very nice!

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80% (29 votes)


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