AmigaBlood Money Ingame (daxx rmx)

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Ray Norrish
Release date: 14/01/2010
All-Time rank: 484.
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2 Amok shouts: First I disliked almost everything. Then the lead ruined it completly for me
4 RemixFan shouts: Not Bad
6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Excellent work. For me the best Blood Money Remix i`ve heard! Great.
6 Frezzno shouts: Like this alot, just like the rest of your remixes. You make it sound so modern but still you feel the oldschoolness kind of...
5 lakanman shouts: This one goes to my game music\remixes\Amigaremix. Com collection =)
5 gibs shouts: Well done
5 adelarge shouts: Excellent as usual!! Thank you daXX!
5 nummer2 shouts: Like Jim Power said very nice one
5 Pedro-Ariz shouts: For everyone who remembers Blood Money with nostalgia, that's a great sound, well done daXX
5 Jim Power shouts: Nothing wrong with this track IMHO - perfectly captures the spirit of the original composition.

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