Chuckrock - daXX RMX

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat)
All-Time charts position:

This Remix is cheesy and i'll reproduce it soon. The guitars are very bad.


Hope you nevertheless enjoy this remix 




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DaXX goes rock. Nice remix. Absolutely quality work. Rock on!
Not my favourite Simmonds composition, to be honest, but this is an excellent remix!
Very nice one, Mr. Daxx
Sorry daXX for being the spoiler here, but even that the sound quality is excellent, the riff is great and so, I'm not fund of simply playing the original tune with better instruments. You usally put more soul into the compositions - I don't feel "daXX"ed
Very tidy! DaXX strikes again!:)
Jam on!
The original song isn't that good to begin with. I've heard SO much better from you, daXX. I wouldn't complain on the production, just that this song sucks to begin with. Ha, I don't feel "daXX"ed either ;D
Awesome remix
Unga bunga - Me like
Nice. But the too high rythm guitar make my ears bleed.
I don't care. Favorite game metal intro rocks my world!! High volume *is* a must!! DaXX really rocks this one!!! Would love to experience such performance live... Heh. \m/
Sorry, not your best one, but a good one.:-)

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