Commando 2013 Dubstep Rework

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Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Hope you enjoy this remix


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Interesting cover. I Like it!
Daring...! Great work!
Oh my god this great as in sid remix and dubstep song. Been wondering where all the dubstep remixes are :P Nice song choice aswell, someone could argue it's a bit overused but I'd say the originality and genre of this remix makes it up
Positive ears here. It turned the original inside-out, has SID samples and blasts the enamel off yer teeth during breakdowns and sounds punchy all along. It has everything that makes me go hmm.
It's well done like all your stuff generally is, but dubstep IMO is better when it's not so in your face like at 1. 10, you can't call that music :P
Totally awesome!!!!!
Exceptional quality. Sounds real nice keep up the good work
If the heavy dubstep parts were toned down some, this could be an outstanding track for everyone to enjoy, and not only pure dubstep fans. Very good sound and mixing, though.
And here`s the common vote from someone who just don`t understands this dumbstep. :D (... And well, heard FAR worse over here on RKO than this Track ;))
The track is okay but somehow, for me are too much C64 elements in it...!
It's definitely dubstep! :) Not really my cup of tea, but there's no doubt this is put together extremely well.
Not really my cup of tea, but I think it's great if you're into this type of "music".
Just as massive as your original Dubstep remix! Added to my collection.
Would have voted a nice Orange if you hadn't used this messed up chordline over the whole track :
Love it! I understand this kinda music ain't everyone's tea - but it is mine! :D
Probably technically good, but just makes MY eardrums bleed, sorry....
Great, but not at all as good as the first version! This one goes off the original too much.
Much better than his original dubstep remix of Commando
My subwoofer is dancing! This rocks, man!

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