Discogroove Daxx Remix

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Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
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Sounds SLL'ish this tune. Pretty good mixing. I kinda like it.
The vocoded voice is a bit too sharp, and the heavy reverb tends to make the sound slightly muddy at times. Good effort, but doesn't quite hold up all the way.
Nice version of this tune. Some tweaks needed in the mix though, just a bit of EQing to lose some of the midrange sharpness. Brave effort nonetheless.
A little to close to the original. It sounds good, but it still sound like a protrackermod with 16 bit samples.
Really neat, this one, but as been stated before, a bit TOO much 1:1 to get that extra high rating. Also, the vocoder is a bit high at some points.
Very good mixing, but these effected vocals suck.
Nice old Discofeeling
Not bad, but doesn't really give full credit to the original.
Clear and straight, well done!^^

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