c64Druid II

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Stello Doussis
Tune length: 4:59
Release date: 11/03/2007
All-Time rank: 964.
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Produced by daXX ;)

Vocals by BRex




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REVIEW BY Instant Remedy (26/04/2007)

Real well executed commercial-sounding remix, top marks for technical achievement and sound! Impressive.
Although, I can't really say why I don't want to push play on winamp again. There wasn't any "magic" even if it sounded oustanding. It sounds really like a song from the Replay-series (Replay Dance Mania etc.) with remixed hits from the 80s and 90s which are lined up and machine-gunned out by popular remixers. I don't mean daXX made this in a coffe-break, I'm sure he had himself working many hours to get it sounding this good. The voice becomes a little too much at times, could have been used less with better effect. I also agree that the sound is a bit to "hard" to fit the original, just like the case with most remixes in the Replay-series.
There is something missing to keep it interesting even if it has a sound which is way above standards for this genre at RKO. But I'll be looking for daXX at RKO in the future!
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY DHS (20/04/2007)

Techically perfect, commercial techno at his best. I have no complaints: it features a lot of dancey tricks to keep the track interesting and it totally centers the objective: making a *real* contemporary commercial track out of a sid. I must say that maybe this is the remix on RKO that manages to better cover that task.


-Technically perfect.
-Target centered 100%.
-Features all the tricks.

For me is a red, totally deserved.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

5 Tas shouts: Trance but with a little bit of imagination.
5 LMan shouts: Commercial sounding dance-trance production. Well done.
4 _steve_ shouts: Nice trance mix, but a little on the long and repetitive side.
4 sebuko shouts: Nice mainstream techno version. But the vibes are a bit to hard for that tune. I miss the siddish feeling here.
3 prowler shouts: Too much mainstream stomp, and lame samples (sorry). Where has the feeling gone you had with the Xenon 2, Gods, Romeo Knight remixes?
4 omoroca shouts: The speech samples don't save this one from being mediocre. Good instead of Average for the feel-good effect, though!
4 klosterkatten shouts: The voice is annoying since it repeats itself, would have better if it was around 3minutes.
6 cyborgjeff shouts: Gosh, this is rocks!!! I can't stay on my chair and coding correctly without dancing!!!
4 LaLa shouts: Boring, overused rhythm, nothing here stands out. Technically a decent mix, but musically it's pretty average.
4 Danceaway shouts: Decent tehno stomp mix, should go down well in Ibiza!!!!!
6 KC shouts: Great Remix - Sounds like old school Rave *thumbs up*
4 Dan shouts: The vocals became really annoying really quick
5 infamous shouts: Commercial trance style track, works quite well though the medievil feel doesnt pass over too well with trance music, that seems a little silly but the structure/melody of the tune is fantastic and you can't help but bop along to it. Love the vocal work
5 dafunk shouts: Lovelly! Reminds me a bit of rocco, nice arrangement and mix, I just miss some pads in the main melody.
4 romeo_knight shouts: Technically ok, that's the only thing that saves it from average. I know you can do better, daXX!
5 rossa shouts: Great initial part rythm, a bit repetitive
5 condor shouts: Very impressive!
6 mace shouts: Keeps driving forward like a mad bull;)
4 eliot shouts: Not that bad ;)
6 Ultra Maximum Prime shouts: O yeah, I could definitely bounce at 1000mh to this in acid fueled furor!
6 kjetiln shouts: Absolutely fantastic dance tune! It's got everything! I really love the hard lead! Three thumbs up!:)
6 Andersson shouts: Very Very Very Nice. Love it
6 apollo2k shouts: This track is really great. Professionell work. Well done
6 Reyn shouts: Again, put this on a 12" and you could have a huge success in the 'real' world.. Almost a shame these remixes don't see proper daylight... GREEEEAT REMIX and so well done!
6 Master Baator shouts: This gets the highest grade possible as the sound, the composition and everything is harmonic and so well produced, that it could go directly to the clubs. Best remix from you ever - and that says a lot...

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