AmigaGODS - 2k7 daXX Techhouse Remix

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Nation 12
Release date: 11/04/2008
All-Time rank: 331.
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5 Makke shouts: Thanks for not making the obvious move on this, daXX! The most inspired remix I've heard of this tune, giving it a new twist.
5 Ziphoid shouts: Really nicely performed in all departments, especially with recreating the vocal samples into the same but different ones... :) Nice twists and take on the track!
5 Dr Future shouts: Never been a fan of the original, nor any other remake. DaXX did a nice version, I like the pumping beat and the kinda different chords. Good job!
5 MORBID shouts: I hated the original, but your remix sounds great!
6 knotti shouts: Wunderfull Remix!!
4 GlenBenton shouts: I dislike the original, but your remix is good.
5 Pedro-Ariz shouts: It sounds really nice and clean... Good work daXX
5 prowler shouts: Good shit! But your first Gods mix is still better imo.
5 Dumper shouts: Some really nice touches in this, very nice indeed.
5 _steve_ shouts: A nice variation on the other mix of this that you have produced. Great stuff!
6 delta89 shouts: Wicked version of the Bitmap Bros classic game. Love the samples..
4 ryrynz shouts: Yeah like your first mix better man
4 Nebdar shouts: This was hard to decide I listen to it 3 times, and I must say that is only good, because it is to plain, too many times "Into the wonderful" makes me crazy, it gets borring quickly it lacks the twist, kick something special, but above else it is technic
5 Rhino shouts: This is pretty bloody good. The vocals are wierd to begin with (not quite the same harmony as the original) but then when the drum and crash kick in and you get the space with the house sounds in the background, it's just fantastic. Then it goes OK again.
5 jtelo shouts: Very nice tune. Good job.
5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Agree! Well done!:-)
6 B3L4 shouts: Super! Awesome remix. I didn't like the original that much, but you made it better!

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