c64Golden Axe - Wilderness - Remastered

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel
Tune length: 5:16
Release date: 20/07/2014
All-Time rank: 946.
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Oh damn it! I noticed, that i have uploaded the wrong version here and on amigaremix.com

I hope the admins can change it to the new mp3 when i send them?




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5 Jojje70 shouts: Great soundscape and probably my fav tune from Golden Axe. Nicely done, although the orchestra style feels a bit artificial at times it's still very good!:)
5 mfe shouts: Suffers as a result of flat and expressionless instruments, it lacks the richness that this melody deserves. Otherwise, a good effort, but I'd prefer a more upbeat dancey Daxx attempt on this.
6 Drunken Fool shouts: Awesome remix, as usual daXX
5 AndyUK shouts: DaXX is back.. Really nice arrangement, not as much 'playing' with some of the instruments as usual but still.. Yeah, daXX is back..
5 LaLa shouts: It has a very modern epic feeling to it, I quite like the arrangement. Nicely balanced mix! Adding more expression to the orchestral instruments would've helped.
5 ryrynz shouts: As always, kick ass.
6 valaki11 shouts: Captures the essence of the underlying melody nicely.
3 omoroca shouts: Artificial orchestras are never good!

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