Lotus Turbo Challenge II - daXX 2011 Break the Hig

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Barry Leitch
All-Time charts position:
Oh man, how I dislike vocal-remixes ;-) Cool track by daXX, yello goes Lotus - me likes!
Daxx strikes back!!!
DaXX meats Barry Leitch. It can only be good. Not the best of daXX, though.
Solid version of Lotus 2.
What a remix!! Daxx is best of! Thanx for this big remix
"Very Good"- "bom bom, chik chikaaaa", its awesome! Dude where are you getting these vocals? ! :D but I don't like the main vocal
:D the best!
Daxx Power! Great remix
Nice song as usual, Great sound-quality (Sidechaining? ) :) Keep on going daXX and you will be a famous artist one day!
As a standalone tune it is great, but the spirit of original tune was somehow lost. So as a remix it is only average for me, as it does not bring back warm memories.
Arghs, doesn't work for me daXX, sorry :( But I just high-fived your other remix ;)
Can't get into this one, nice effort it just doesn't work as a dance tune.
The remix is great and gives a very nice interpretation of this amazing title tune! But, Daxx, please avoid any funny lyrics the next time. The vocals work in the harmony, but the contents are almost ridiculous...
Too far away from the original, but a very good work but vocals
Stupid lyrics. The song is ridiculously catchy.
Nice remix, but I like the house style from the original better :)
Good one! I like many part of it, a bit slow but ok.

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