Odyssey Demo Part 5 - daXX Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Greg of Alcatraz
All-Time charts position:
Mmm, is it secret is it safe? Best so far.
Nice 90:s Jarre-feel to it somehow. But too loud in the midrange, which makes it annoying to listen to.
Good one.
Ambient... In a nice way
Damn fine piece of work this is, especially the 2nd part... "Zork activates his pocket computer and scans for a safe way through the labyrinth"... If I ever have to find my way through an alien temple, I want to do it to this music!:)
Awesome: Nostalgy, quality... A fantastic remix of some of the best songs ever on the Amiga. You keep the same spirit of the originals. Songs like those are what keeps me coming back to amigaremix. I'd kill to know what Greg thinks about them.
Daxx ha done a very good work with the 6 parts of the Odyssey demo. Congratulations to him!
One of my all-time favorites
I couldn't believe my ears. Finally someone's remixed one of the top 3 protracker modules. To be honest, the harmonies in the second part seem too flat, but the rest is breath-taking.
Agree with Juan. Brings good old memories back. Very well done. (Again!) :-)
Even the original mod was 100 times better this is just bad.

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