Odyssey Demo Part 6 - daXX Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Greg of Alcatraz
All-Time charts position:
Great stuff imo!
Better mixing would be a tip. But I have to agree with makke here 'gooooooooood' very good.
Very professional layout and soundchoise, but a tad loud in the higher midrange area, making it muddy and irritating in parts.
The choice of instruments is very good and I like the ambience. Well done!
This is by far the best of the 6 Odyssey tune you remade daxx. Good stuff!
Nice and funky, and I love how people who skip through tunes would be as confused as hell if they did that with this, the tune change though strange works quite well.. Reminds me of wiz and liz for some reason which is a GOOD thing.. Someone remix that!!
Daxx ha done a very good work with the 6 parts of the Odyssey demo. Congratulations to him!
Wow, what a final of daXX Odyssey Trip. Awesome! Thx for your fantastic journey through the magic of Odyssey!!!:-)
Funky :)
Nicely done I love it, I close my eyes and I see the credit list.. :D

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