AmigaORK GameOver (daXX Remix)

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Tim Bartlett
Release date: 13/01/2009
All-Time rank: 373.
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4 Dr Future shouts: Good production (as always). I must admit I don't know the original tune, but if this remix is a true cover, the original must be uninteresting.
4 prowler shouts: Well, it's nice that you are trying and improving your music skills on not-so-good tunes :-)
4 _steve_ shouts: A nice song, with a strange lead sound. Good production quality as usual though.
6 infamous shouts: I used to love this tune so so much, Cannot express how happy I am to hear a remix of it and such a good one too :-D
6 Romano shouts: I just love this track! I'ts so nicely done :D
5 Dumper shouts: A nice little tune, well done daXX.
6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Again a outstanding by daxx. Well done.:-)

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