Outrun (Splash Wave daXX Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Jason C. Brooke
All-Time charts position:

This Version have different harmonies to the original. The Final Version get's the right harmonies and a smoother mastering...




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Best remix ever! Man, daXX just knows how to make music. I'll call him Mozart 2. 0 from now on...
Awesome remix - so uplifting. The mastering is a bit too agressive for my taste though.
Lovely remix. The only thing I have against it is the fact that some of the harmonies are changed compared to the original track, which makes it a bit hard for me to listen to since I'm so used to the other ones. :) Massively produced and very uplifting.
A strange one. Some chords are totally off. Some leads are too sharp and the main lead is too loud / out of place. But overall it is a great production :)
Agreed with the three above. Harsh mix and some bad notes/harmonies (IMO), but very unique take on the tune!
I really like in spite of a few different harmony there.
Good remix but the production lets it down for me, too much high end EQ and overcompression
Excellent remix with some clever additions. As being said above it's a bit harsh especially on headphones. Can't see V. Voois as original composer for this one though.
Blindingly bright and sparkly. Tone that down a notch in the mix. Strange choice of chords (harmonies) here and there. Otherwise, I am a fan of the arrangement.
Ya know it's a great remix, that lead is a bit sharp but otherwise A+
Brilliant sound, well mixed, just a little loud in parts but overall superbly done.
Ouch! Wrong notes in the melody! Could be a great tune if you fix them!
There has been a lot of Out Run remixes but this is definitely among the top... Two? Love the bass, love the instruments, love the beat, it's just great!
Oh nooo!! 3 new outrun remixes, but oh how I wish you'd given the dubstep treatment to outrun instead of commando. I would have moistened my pants. As it is, still no perfect outrun remix for me out there.
Review by AdSalusNonAptus


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

This is even better than dubstep commando, brilliant sound, catchy and nice to your mind and your ears (mostly). However there is this problem again - wrong notes and modified harmonies. The latter is propably a matter of taste and its the choice of the author. A more faithful realization would do your tracks some good though.