Turrican 2 Theme - Daxx Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:

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Very rocky this remix. There are some bright parts and then it just goes bad. Bad chois of sounds and poorly mixed.
I quite like this.
I sure like this, but I guess it could be seen as more of a Turrican 1 remix, but it's nevertheless really nice.
Listening this on Slay, and I like it!
It's quite nice, but the original has A LOT more power!
Chris Huelsbeck's tunes don't sound good when played with a normal synth. I didn't even like his own rearrangements despite having all his CDs. I think remixes should capture the grungyness of the Amiga, which this remix (as so many before) doesn't.
Nice remix! Thumbs up!
Nice interpretation of the tune, its got a thin feel to it but it works quite well
Outstanding tune, daXX!!!! Love it!!!!
Ok stuff, but there are many better versions out there... Too many breaks
I like it very much. Well done daXX!
Nicely done as always from daXX, I really wish the sound was abit grittier it just sounds a little weak.
Has nothing to do with turrican 2 sountrack!!!
Very good idea, but the lead instrument sounds very noisy.
Simply great!
Another Turrican Track and this time a real powerfull blast. Cool done.
Decent. Somehow has faint hints of "flash gordon" by Queen.
I don't like shoot em ups, so I don't play them often (only for msx with trainer) so for me turrican is like (mewh) but this track nice work. I like it.

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