Turrican II - The Desert Rocks (daXX Remix)

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Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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Awesomely done. I really like the overall pumpiness in the track. :D
Finally a "van Halen"-Edit of this masterpiece ;-)
So this is pretty much the ultimate remix for this track you cant make this any more fitting than this remix. Its amazing
Daxx is God.
Your best mix since Sanxion Bigroom IMO... Great sounds in a slick and well-produced piece!
Good remix, good remix, caught the Echoes of "Jump" in it. Mucho Gr00vy!
DaXX rocks!
Great sound as usual from Daxx. Main chords are too dry, and some new ideas doesn't work.
What can I say... It´s daXX and he´s Back! Last Turrican remix since 2007 (I beleive) I love the original 2nd part and at 3:15 there it begins, all perfect :)
Wow, damn good remix!
Awesome remix by the always awesome daXX
Interesting twist to an old classic. Hard as nails this one.
Review by neglesaks


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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The remix takes us from the pure electro-beat of the early 90s to a good mixture of rock-resemblent sound with some good tempo replacements thrown in together with innovative inserts between the signature elements of the original, in excellent combination. By themselves the components don't seem anything much, but the fusion of all produces a great-sounding, innovative remix of a beloved oldie. The track and the arranger are both minor legends by now. Desert Rocks of Turrican has been re-arranged a multitude of times and is surely one of the fondest remembered tunes from the Amiga era. Daxx - amongst many I must be reasonable to say - has been a loyal and productive member of the remixing community for over a decade and to reproduce this classic in such a way is just brilliant.