Blowing (Serious UNZ Edit)

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Blowing (Serious UNZ Edit)
Arranged by:
DHS Veteran
Composed by:
Søren Lund (Jeff)
All-Time charts position:
I remixed this tune for a reason: i was looking for a very "unzy" sid and found Jeff directory on HVSC.
I must say he has some really great skill in make SID sounds like a techno machine

Back on the matter;
This remix doesn't have anything particular, a part the fast pacing of the groove.
Synth sounds are from the Virus and some of my Vanguard presets are there too.

The last bit of italian dialogue is from a tv show. The guy speaking is saying some serious bullshit, so don't mind.
Not really my type of chown, but the production is excellent, a solid mix and the female vocal is gorgeous
Nice to see DHS take on a Jeff tune - and do it well. A very nice take with all his own ideas in there - and a sparingly used female vocal that just sounds right. Nice one!
Genius! UNZtastic!
Unz, Indeed!
Nice kick, not 2 keen on the vox tho
Now, this one is boring.
Flawless trance tune. DHS roolz. Jeff roolz.
Style not my cup of tea BUT it's SERIOUS top stuff!!!
Solidly done.... But not my cup of tea though!! Too much 'UNZ UNZ UNZ' for a real c64 remix feeling...;-)
Yes, I love UNZ UNZ UNZ *lol* - very solid done. It's nothing wrong to dance to a c-64 remix ;) good 2 have U back :-)
The great sid timeZ are back!
Well it's dhs, what more can I say? ;-).. You hit a string in my nostalgic soul with this one (must be the strings of the main tune or something ;-))
I love this one!
Would be more impressed if there wasn't a zillion tunes out there with a similar rhythm
This is just so lovely... Pure UNZY stuff here.. Simple but so very catchy.. "I like it alot"
Professional sound on the one hand, boring and by-the-numbers on the other hand. Just like all the other UNZ remixes here.
Sounds a little like "Jeff meets Ofra Haza". Great stuff! "Blowing" is a hell of a tune, taking this one for a remix is sure always a good decision.

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