c64Blowing (Serious UNZ Edit)

Arranged by: DHS   Veteran
Members: DHS, Dr.Fikalover
Original composer: Søren Lund (Jeff)
Tune length: 6:13
Release date: 22/11/2004
All-Time rank: 752.
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Blowing (Serious UNZ Edit)
I remixed this tune for a reason: i was looking for a very "unzy" sid and found Jeff directory on HVSC.
I must say he has some really great skill in make SID sounds like a techno machine

Back on the matter;
This remix doesn't have anything particular, a part the fast pacing of the groove.
Synth sounds are from the Virus and some of my Vanguard presets are there too.

The last bit of italian dialogue is from a tv show. The guy speaking is saying some serious bullshit, so don't mind.

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5 Dan shouts: Not really my type of chown, but the production is excellent, a solid mix and the female vocal is gorgeous
5 Waz shouts: Nice to see DHS take on a Jeff tune - and do it well. A very nice take with all his own ideas in there - and a sparingly used female vocal that just sounds right. Nice one!
6 Skitz shouts: Genius! UNZtastic!
6 c64glen shouts: Unz, Indeed!
4 lagerfeldt shouts: Nice kick, not 2 keen on the vox tho
3 eisei shouts: Now, this one is boring.
6 LMan shouts: Flawless trance tune. DHS roolz. Jeff roolz.
6 vosla shouts: Style not my cup of tea BUT it's SERIOUS top stuff!!!
4 weasel shouts: Solidly done.... But not my cup of tea though!! Too much 'UNZ UNZ UNZ' for a real c64 remix feeling...;-)
5 eliot shouts: Yes, I love UNZ UNZ UNZ *lol* - very solid done. It's nothing wrong to dance to a c-64 remix ;) good 2 have U back :-)
6 esg shouts: The great sid timeZ are back!
5 hispeed shouts: Well it's dhs, what more can I say? ;-).. You hit a string in my nostalgic soul with this one (must be the strings of the main tune or something ;-))
5 putzi shouts: I love this one!
3 hbasm shouts: Would be more impressed if there wasn't a zillion tunes out there with a similar rhythm
6 dimmignatt shouts: This is just so lovely... Pure UNZY stuff here.. Simple but so very catchy.. "I like it alot"
4 omoroca shouts: Professional sound on the one hand, boring and by-the-numbers on the other hand. Just like all the other UNZ remixes here.
5 brix shouts: Sounds a little like "Jeff meets Ofra Haza". Great stuff! "Blowing" is a hell of a tune, taking this one for a remix is sure always a good decision.

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