c64Giana Sisters (Keep Da Scene Alive)

Arranged by: DHS   Veteran
Members: DHS, Dr.Fikalover
Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck
Tune length: 4:04
Release date: 24/05/2004
All-Time rank: 1042.
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As often happens, this remix at the end turned to be a little different from what initially intended.
The main concept was to make some danceable orchestral stuff, so i started making the orchestral
part. Done that, i left the project alone for some months.
Then, i started working around it again: after the start and the part that comes after the chorus
bridge the "scooter-like" idea came to my mind. I remembered that choon by Scooter, i think it was their
1st hit, were they named, as sort of tribute, many DJs around the world.
So, i asked Makke if he felt like shouting in a scooterish way. And, of course, he did it in a brilliant
The sounds mostly come from an access virus kc, with the only exception being the drums, one arpeggio (VSTi),
and the orchestral parts (Akais).
After finishing the composition part, i started to work on the master. Of course, seeing the "kind" of
track, i wanted it to be very loud. I managed to reach a very good RMS power level, it's about -9dB compared
to a sine wave and -6dB to a sqare one, without loss of any o the intended sounds.
It's a very good master but still far from a "perfect" one, but i'm happy with it.
Hope you'll enjoy.

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REVIEW BY ms (23/04/2004)

Well, many people complain about less reviews. And this is my attempt to review things I have not so much knowledge about as it comes out as a scooter-like techno piece. So it may be a little bit vague reviewing this from my side :-)

Anyway here we go: When I got the first beta from DHS I was very curios about the final version and it worked out much better I ever thought. This is from my view due to several reasons. One of it is as always something different, something creative with parts you didn't expect in a techno track. But if you carefully listen to his music you can always expect something special from him.

The smooth orchestral/choir part beginning at 01:00 and ending at 02:00 is my favourite one. Very often remixers/musicians are put into one ore more categories of musical styles. While leaving this path it always interesting to get results which make hungry for more - which means I would love to hear orchestral work from him. As I know how the choir was done since I am using the same base material it is easy to say he combined male and female very well.
The quality of the orchestral AKAIs could have been better since I am very spoiled, anyway this doesn't influence the quality of the notes played with it :-)
At least very nice to have an orchestral DHS and just can say I would love to hear more different styles from him.

Well, back to the techno parts scooty Makke has done excellent work. I have heard some of his work also on other (non-remixes) pieces and really like his work as much as in this track.

Mixing and mastering isn't my best topic but shortly to say the track is well mixed for my ears on my gear. The mastering fits well since the orchestral part has a good dynamic range while the rest is on high level you would expect for this track. At 02:54 I hear an overload on my gear which seems to come out as my 'typical DHS crackle' *lol* Well, I have heard some 'overloads' on MD SIDologie too which no one could hear. Seems that this is just bloody me since I go for lower level mastering.

Finally top professional stuff, which didn't let me stop tapping with my feets, yup me techno aversional. The rules for reviewing say: "If you didn't like the original, better not review the remix".
Ooppss. Sorry :-)
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY infamous (22/04/2004)

keep the scene alive.... featuring makke doing his "i am scooter" impression.
so here we have what is likely to be the anthem for the commodore scene for a while.

starting with a merry go round sample and dropping away to what sounds like my girlfriend on a saturday night, we are brought to a pounding techno beat with a warcry like "yeahh" from makke himself and what starts this strongly just remains that strong.. the entire thing if it had a smell would reek of scooter.

this isnt a bad thing at all really unless you really hate techno music, scooter may do generic crap but he does anthemic generic crap.. and what dhs has done here is the impossible.. generic scooteralike brilliance.

yeap he's made a real anthem in this, the reeling off of names is great, the reeling off of remixers is inspired.. the tune as i said before is superb and i cannot begin to reccomend this enough.

listen especially for the chior driven bridge section which is absolutely hair's on arms standing on end beautiful.. as i said before cant recommend its download enough!... go now!! do it!.

so cmon do exactly what the tune says and download this... keep the scene alive.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY craigg (22/04/2004)

As always, DHS manages to transcend the typical C64 remix by some margin, creating a catchy and memorable track in the process. Although this remix wears its influences - the oft-maligned Scooter - rather more blatantly on its sleeve than most, the remix is none the worse for it. And instead of getting a 'cutesy' Giana mix (as many remixers are prone to doing), we have a pumping dance track that's every bit the equal of any other C64 remix chart wannabe (and perhaps hints at the style of C64 remix that might make it into the public consciousness post-Zombie Nation).

It's perhaps inevitable that this track won't appeal to those people that eschew dance music, although it's worth pointing out that the odd sublime moment is in evidence, providing a counterpoint to the relentless beat and Giania-originated hooks (notably the strings/vocals prior to the 'list'). Makke's aping of the Scooter vocalist brings the whole thing together, and even if the list of names gets a little tedious at times, one has to marvel at the sheer audacity of the overall track - at the very least, it should bring a smile to your face.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY LMan (22/04/2004)

"Any reference to a 'Bike' band is purely concidental."

At least that's what the mp3 tag says, and if you want to know what bike-band that could be, just listen to the first seconds of this "remix with a message" by DHS featuring Makke! You know, listening to it actually makes you wonder if Makke leads a double life as lead singer of Scooter... whoops now I gave it away. :-)

This piece of music is most entertaining in every aspect. DHS' techno beat transports the familiar Giana Sisters tune right to the dancefloor. The Scooter-Sound-A-Like experience scores all the nostalgia points here, you almost expect Makke to shout "Hyper Hyper!" :-D

Great fun guys, keep it up!
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY eliot (29/05/2004)

It seems that SIDs also fits into Techno-style :-)

Technically I would wish for more more length and stereo panorama ;-)
Besides this minimal flaws you get a very impressive tune, keeping the spirit of the original SID - neverless I have expected from DHS. Makke's Scooter-style "speech" makes this remix unique compared to any other Giana Sisters remixes. I wouldn't wonder if this remix could make it into the charts ;-)

Keep Da Scene Alive! :-D
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

4 ifadeo shouts: Technical brilliant, but who needs another scooter track...
4 liontamer shouts: A bit too crowded of an atmosphere going for the live-sounding apporach, but still cool. Quite an impressive list of shout-outs.
3 wavedancer shouts: The part with choir is the best, shit on the rest.
6 wishbone shouts: This remix is amazing. It's creative and just plain great!
6 romeo_knight shouts: Damn, I hate Scooter!:-)
6 moog shouts: More! :D
6 Andersson shouts: Totaly brilliant
3 omoroca shouts: How cheesy is that! And besides, Hubbard must NOT be mentioned AFTER Galway!!!
4 PhunkyData shouts: Superb moods meet scooter-crap. Well... Not my style. Has a lot of own will potential if the scooterisch stuff would be spared out
5 Dumper shouts: A great tribute to the scene.
6 james_mcl shouts: Love the idea of the shout outs, and the effects at the start, and the style change...
6 Mr.MurkyShadow shouts: One of my all time favorites! =D

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