Arranged by: DHS   Veteran
Members: DHS, Dr.Fikalover
Original composer: Jeroen Tel
Tune length: 4:44
Release date: 27/06/2000
All-Time rank: 498.
Download this tune at Remix.Kwed.Org

The very last tune done with amiga and octamed. This was the first time I tried to obtain a Kraftwerk feel in a song of mine. I'd say I was successfull. This is (strangerly enough) the tune for which I receive the most feedback in my email 😊

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6 lolicon shouts: This just rocks! It's a fantastic piece of work. I cannot stop listening! BRAVISSIMO!
5 grytulf shouts: Nice smooth and creative
4 mfe shouts: Whilst well mixed, it just doesn't seem to go anywhere.
4 omoroca shouts: A few wrong notes in the melody! But aside from that, great stuff!
5 bluffphonica shouts: Really cool sounds, I like it very much

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86% (56 votes)


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