c64Max Headroom (Orbital 3241 Elevator Mix)

Arranged by: DHS   Veteran
Members: DHS, Dr.Fikalover
Original composer: David Whittaker
Tune length: 7:41
Release date: 31/01/2001
All-Time rank: 198.
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Duh, I love this one. I made it 100% using only _one_ VSTi (except the drums, that are samples). I simply love the analog feel of this track. Jan (from RKO) was asking for a remix of track 3 of Max Headroom.. and I was already doing a medley of all 4 the tracks. 😊 Speaking with Dave Whittaker I (sadly) discovered he doesn't like his original Max Headroom tunes... Well, I hope he like this 😊

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REVIEW BY immacolata (17/03/2003)

This Max Headroom remix seems to mix several tunes from the original game, and does a good job of it. Remixer has used some kind of lead instrument that sounds very synthy and does the job good. First part is more easy going, it is the elevator music if I am not mistaken. Goes around for about 2:22 when the tune shifts into another. It's a very synthy remix, and I think all instruments have been replaced, and with great skill. One of my favourites.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY LaLa (04/02/2003)

This is one awesome remix! Actually, you get multiple remixes in one compact package, and they are not always similar to each other, either. I wish I had more time to analyze this remix, `cause it would deserve it. My only gripe is that it`s probably too long (what can I say - I am impatient today).
Technical Impression: 0
Artistic Impression: 0
Nostalgic Impression: 0
Overall: 5

6 chairmankaga shouts: One of my favourite SID remixes.
6 humorguy shouts: Great value for money DHS just keeps on doin' it!
6 madrigal shouts: Wonderful remix, DHS is a guarantee for quality!;)
6 plokolp shouts: Love this. 2 tunes in one.
5 omoroca shouts: Scary! Added to my collection.
6 legus shouts: Gooood!!!
6 NecroPolo shouts: I think it's the best tune pack of Whittaker. The first section doesn't really cut through for me as much as the following parts - but that's just a subjective footnote, the remix is very cool all the way.
6 aero shouts: Simply gorgeous
5 Nebdar shouts: It could be better if not to to to much the repetitives
5 MORBID shouts: Cool!

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