The Human Race (Bando alle Seghe)

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Arranged by:
DHS Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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The initial idea behind this remix was to give an "ethnic" feeling to the tune 4 of The Human Race.
Then it developed in a tune with reminiscences from Jarre and Enigma.

I find the Enigma loop very hypnotizing, so it's featured in the track. Hate or love it, it's here to stay and imho it fits perfectly to the tune.

I Agree with RK; some important bendings are missing. But, i never met any flute player able to make them, and seeing the "half-acoustic" style of the track i chosed to stay real.

The remix has a really big flaw i noticed only yesterday: but unless anyone discover it, i'll keep my mouth shut.

2004-12-07: And, as usual, the only gray face belongs to some anonymous.
2004-12-09: Whatever man, whatever.
WHOA! A stunner from DHS, when the bass and drums kicked in it took me to bliss...
Pretty good, a cross between Zoolook and Enigma's "Sadness Part 2". The lead is stunningly nice as well. Not quite a red smiley for me, but very nice all the same.
It just proves that DHS can make more than just UNZ! This is lovely!
This is REALLY nice!
This is great work! But I can't give the highest rating cos there are missing some important bendings in the lead melody. And I think I already heard this drumloop too often. Awesome though.
DHS covers Hubbard like no one else can....
Proof that DHS aint a one trick pony.. This is a MUST have.. Wonderful tune
Generally has a nice feel, very chilled, I agree with Romeo's comment on the drums.
Well arranged, but a little bit to 'tame' for me
STUNNING!!! But those hating Enigma won't love this one.
Really kicking style here!! Really reminds of enigma-melodics... Haha!! The drum-style and all that! ;-) Funny... But still fitting the original SID here, too! So it's working well and deserves a definite 'outstanding' from me as well! :-D
You have started with Enigma like drums, Jarre's like voices, and style of Deep Forest. Awesome!!!
Yes, yes, yes - another all-time favourite for me :-) And PLEASE remix much more C-64 tunes!;-)
Excelent mix!
Wow. The unorthodox elements work so well and really give this a totally unique character.
Sadeness.. Dit moi...
I love this song and the two musician too!
An enigmaish layed back voyage into sound.. One of my faves of your tunes really :)
Does remind me to my version made professional :-)
Capitalises too much from the famous Enigma rhythm (they stole it too, I believe... ) but otherwise good.
I agree, a true stunner of a mix. I liked it initially, but the texture really grows on you over time. Very hot work.
My goodness this sounds good! Fabulous piece of work!
F--ing awesome! I'm in total awe! (And that doesn't happen very often. ) The beginning reminds me of Deep Forest - same great ethnic feeling.
Splendid work, atmospheric, emotional, solid... And the ENIGMA basis rocks!!!
This one has a unbelievable quality. Great work.
I loved the game human race and also your mix!!
This remix is outstanding! One of my favorits.
It's great!! Vow!!!
I like this tune! It reminds me the Deep Forest / Enigma style.
That's my type!:)
In a different class. Like Mr. Brown and just one or two others not in the charts.
DHS sei un grandissimo! Spero non ti stancherai mai di regalarci queste perle!;)
Mmmmmmm, smooooooth and beeeeautiful! Soothing stuff, yummie:)
Overrated but not bad!
I enjoy it, but fail to differentiate it from the other Human Race remixes. Needs to be unique without using the 'uh-uh' sound... Maybe its too subtle for me.
Very well done. Rob Hubbard meets Enigma!! ... Pretty ace, mate.. Pretty ace!!
Beautiful melody, beautiful voices.
This is what a REMIX means! Inovative, personal and - last but not least - PROFESSIONAL!
This one is just great, one of the best remixes
Stunning!!! Top ten! Great Work..
From start I expected to be something more new, but al in all it is very good remix
Still, after all these years - this is simply beautiful!
I gave this an orange before, but hearing it quite a bit lately I now feel it deserves a nice big red one.
Dont like the uhuhuuuuuh in the background, not totally original, sounds familiar, other than that its ok
Still great but I think its overrated and I prefer DJ Mitch´s version... Finally I cant resist it... :D
Excellent rendition. No more, no less.
Brilliant. You should be very proud.
Sorry, the meaning of this song is not coming out. For me the best is "Maccie Pimp-Me-Up Mix " your solution's drums and bacground voices very very best... But no motivation. Sorry.
Very good enigma-rythm remix!
Great, delectable music!
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Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

An almost marvelous track from DHS although it is already quite far off the original tune. This has definitely already got one of my all time favourites.