c64The Human Race (Bando alle Seghe)

Arranged by: DHS   Veteran
Members: DHS, Dr.Fikalover
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 5:38
Release date: 22/11/2004
All-Time rank: 35.
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The initial idea behind this remix was to give an "ethnic" feeling to the tune 4 of The Human Race.
Then it developed in a tune with reminiscences from Jarre and Enigma.

I find the Enigma loop very hypnotizing, so it's featured in the track. Hate or love it, it's here to stay and imho it fits perfectly to the tune.

I Agree with RK; some important bendings are missing. But, i never met any flute player able to make them, and seeing the "half-acoustic" style of the track i chosed to stay real.

The remix has a really big flaw i noticed only yesterday: but unless anyone discover it, i'll keep my mouth shut.

2004-12-07: And, as usual, the only gray face belongs to some anonymous.
2004-12-09: Whatever man, whatever.

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REVIEW BY stylon (08/12/2004)

An almost marvelous track from DHS although it is already quite far off the original tune. This has definitely already got one of my all time favourites.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

6 Dan shouts: WHOA! A stunner from DHS, when the bass and drums kicked in it took me to bliss...
5 Waz shouts: Pretty good, a cross between Zoolook and Enigma's "Sadness Part 2". The lead is stunningly nice as well. Not quite a red smiley for me, but very nice all the same.
6 Skitz shouts: It just proves that DHS can make more than just UNZ! This is lovely!
6 floaf shouts: This is REALLY nice!
5 romeo_knight shouts: This is great work! But I can't give the highest rating cos there are missing some important bendings in the lead melody. And I think I already heard this drumloop too often. Awesome though.
6 c64glen shouts: DHS covers Hubbard like no one else can....
6 infamous shouts: Proof that DHS aint a one trick pony.. This is a MUST have.. Wonderful tune
4 devilhood shouts: Generally has a nice feel, very chilled, I agree with Romeo's comment on the drums.
5 lefrog shouts: Well arranged, but a little bit to 'tame' for me
6 vosla shouts: STUNNING!!! But those hating Enigma won't love this one.
6 weasel shouts: Really kicking style here!! Really reminds of enigma-melodics... Haha!! The drum-style and all that! ;-) Funny... But still fitting the original SID here, too! So it's working well and deserves a definite 'outstanding' from me as well! :-D
6 condor shouts: You have started with Enigma like drums, Jarre's like voices, and style of Deep Forest. Awesome!!!
6 eliot shouts: Yes, yes, yes - another all-time favourite for me :-) And PLEASE remix much more C-64 tunes!;-)
6 jsl shouts: Excelent mix!
6 lolicon shouts: FANTASTIC!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!
6 vhold shouts: Wow. The unorthodox elements work so well and really give this a totally unique character.
4 lagerfeldt shouts: Sadeness.. Dit moi...
6 esg shouts: I love this song and the two musician too!
6 hispeed shouts: An enigmaish layed back voyage into sound.. One of my faves of your tunes really :)
6 ms shouts: Does remind me to my version made professional :-)
5 hbasm shouts: Capitalises too much from the famous Enigma rhythm (they stole it too, I believe... ) but otherwise good.
6 liontamer shouts: I agree, a true stunner of a mix. I liked it initially, but the texture really grows on you over time. Very hot work.
6 cyphax shouts: My goodness this sounds good! Fabulous piece of work!
6 LaLa shouts: F--ing awesome! I'm in total awe! (And that doesn't happen very often. ) The beginning reminds me of Deep Forest - same great ethnic feeling.
6 load_error shouts: Splendid work, atmospheric, emotional, solid... And the ENIGMA basis rocks!!!
6 boessu shouts: This one has a unbelievable quality. Great work.
6 chosc shouts: I loved the game human race and also your mix!!
6 Mitch van Hayden shouts: This remix is outstanding! One of my favorits.
6 knut_musketier shouts: It's great!! Vow!!!
5 dottorthomas shouts: I like this tune! It reminds me the Deep Forest / Enigma style.
6 vert1 shouts: Win!
6 moog shouts: That's my type!:)
6 humorguy shouts: In a different class. Like Mr. Brown and just one or two others not in the charts.
6 madrigal shouts: DHS sei un grandissimo! Spero non ti stancherai mai di regalarci queste perle!;)
6 aricz shouts: Mmmmmmm, smooooooth and beeeeautiful! Soothing stuff, yummie:)
4 omoroca shouts: Overrated but not bad!
5 ggeudraco shouts: I enjoy it, but fail to differentiate it from the other Human Race remixes. Needs to be unique without using the 'uh-uh' sound... Maybe its too subtle for me.
6 tEiS shouts: Very well done. Rob Hubbard meets Enigma!! ... Pretty ace, mate.. Pretty ace!!
5 bigtabs shouts: Shivers!
6 prq shouts: Beautiful melody, beautiful voices.
6 Netopejr shouts: This is what a REMIX means! Inovative, personal and - last but not least - PROFESSIONAL!
6 quapil shouts: This one is just great, one of the best remixes
6 Sodden shouts: Stunning!!! Top ten! Great Work..
5 Nebdar shouts: From start I expected to be something more new, but al in all it is very good remix
6 Ziphoid shouts: Still, after all these years - this is simply beautiful!
6 Dumper shouts: I gave this an orange before, but hearing it quite a bit lately I now feel it deserves a nice big red one.
3 inqisit0r shouts: Dont like the uhuhuuuuuh in the background, not totally original, sounds familiar, other than that its ok
6 Amok shouts: Still great but I think its overrated and I prefer DJ Mitch´s version... Finally I cant resist it... :D
6 NecroPolo shouts: Excellent rendition. No more, no less.
6 DaManiac72 shouts: Brilliant. You should be very proud.
4 truebaba shouts: Sorry, the meaning of this song is not coming out. For me the best is "Maccie Pimp-Me-Up Mix " your solution's drums and bacground voices very very best... But no motivation. Sorry.
6 Ishma shouts: Excellent!!!
5 Fhood shouts: Very good enigma-rythm remix!

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