c64Bubble Bobble

Arranged by: Diath   Newcomer
Original composer: Peter Clarke
Tune length: 1:51
Release date: 28/05/2006
All-Time rank: 3643.
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2 Makke shouts: Brave, but not very good.
3 Waz shouts: Interesting idea to do the tune different style with brass and saxophone, and it almost works. I say almost because the mixing just doesn't quite make the instruments breathe freely like they should. Nonetheless a brave attempt and maybe worth a listen.
3 LMan shouts: Extra points for using live instruments, apart from that it is very very, very unspectacular.
2 Chris Abbott shouts: OK, so you can play the saxophone a bit... But.... But....
2 Dan shouts: Well it wasnt sequenced anyways....
3 kwed shouts: The idea of turning Bubble Bobble into a two live saxophones duet is a noble one. But this particular implemenation is very lacking, and the rhythm 'section' doesn't work.
2 Ziphoid shouts: Oh. Ohh... No. It falls a bit short against Bandle Bobble...;)
2 infamous shouts: Theres something really wrong with this I cant put my finger on it.. Maybe its the way the bassist keeps walking in and out of the room? .. Not the best bubble bobble remix at all. Noble idea though.
1 prowler shouts: "Fun stuff" stuff I thought, until I reached about 0:20. Sorry, but this is far from my cup of tea...
3 eliot shouts: Really brave, so I can't give it a poor voting ;-)
2 joel_sim shouts: At least its played
3 condor shouts: It could have been done so much better, still average. Excellent idea, and I hope you will remake this tune.
3 LaLa shouts: Umm, oh-kay...
2 dimmignatt shouts: I think everyone above has every comment I think on this song.. Could be good but it's not.
3 grytulf shouts: Nice to hear a different sound even though it aint allways that good. Sounds kinda amateur, you know your saxophone, but not the rest
3 nettuno shouts: Nice, but the arranger is gone with the wind, I suppose.
3 spellcoder shouts: Could be potentially be good, but directly copying the bassline from the original doesn't work. Try get more swing/variation into it (maybe like the bassline in the old ducktales animated series intro) and try using a compressor effect.
3 anaconda shouts: A bit weak on the instruments.
2 manobuda shouts: Pobre, falta incentivo
3 Reyn shouts: Could have been so much better with just a few more takes and maybe some edits.. Too happy too quick...
3 omoroca shouts: Big Minus for the bass, but at least an Average for the idea and the real instruments.

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