Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Remix by Dj Miguel Valbuen

Track info
Arranged by:
Dj Alundra1 Veteran
Composed by:
Barry Leitch
All-Time charts position:
Techy remix, but where is the punch? The thin Lead sounds is a matter of taste, also.
Errr? What the heck is that? Just the original module with some bass and drums... Doesnt work for me in any way... Sorry
Very poor instrument quality, and not many (no? ) differences from the original.
I gotta say that that buzzing sound does nothing for this tune, appart from that all you realy have is a stock tune.
Sounds like the original module with one buzz synth added. Nothing wrong in itself, but doesn't really classify as a remix IMHO.
I'm a guy who loves Amiga Lotus tunes!
Ehhh.... Noo!?
Being quite benevolent, I think that It could be worst. Except the instrument, they smashed me in seconds.
Good remix electro
I`m sorry, but that doesn´t work.:-(
No no no no
I like this electro / rave experiment :)

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