c64Think Twice III (Frankie Boz Edit)

Arranged by: DjUnz! feat Perhaps-a-Doobie   Veteran
Members: Alistair Bowness (Boz), DHS, Jason Mackenzie (Kenz)
Original composer: Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
Tune length: 3:24
Release date: 04/06/2005
All-Time rank: 3149.
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2 Dan shouts: Sorry to all involved... But NO
4 Skitz shouts: It's DjUNZ! Not his best remix though.... Almost works
3 Tas shouts: Doesn't work! - Wish Unz would have used the background for a serious version of this track.
4 Makke shouts: I quite enjoyed it... The bass in the beginning SO reminds me of the bass in The Hall Of Mirrors from Kraftwerks T. E. E. -album.
4 LMan shouts: Hah! This is outstanding and utterly bad at the same time. I think I'll settle for a compromise. *lol*
3 Waz shouts: Something's not quite right with the tune - it definitely needs the vocals dropping and a bit more crash on the snare to really give it some oomph.
2 eliot shouts: Unbalanced and of course ugly voice...
3 ifadeo shouts: Average... No fish - no flesh... Doesn't work for me... Sorry!
5 dimmignatt shouts: I think this is very nice.. Like this one very much.. Yes the vocals sounds a bit strange but I do like them anyway... GOOD!
3 romeo_knight shouts: You are sick!;-)
4 infamous shouts: Candi staton vs boz = \o/... Funny stuff even 2nd time around
1 nettuno shouts: ...
3 anaconda shouts: Nah, main tune is ok, but the vocal is just embarrassing to listen to.
6 westerling shouts: Outstanding!!! The singer sings brilliant!!!! It´s on repeat now!
4 LaLa shouts: Great instrumentation, horrible singing. But it's fun! 'Nuff said.
4 nec5 shouts: Fun is the right word. If only that voice didn't quiver and break. Ha.
3 omoroca shouts: The music's technically Ok, but the Perhaps-a-Doobie kind of humor doesn't work for me any more. Especially not with those distortion effects.
5 estysoft shouts: I think its quite OK
2 Supergrobi123 shouts: The vocals + the sound + arrangement = boring
4 Satanarchist shouts: He sounds like Brian Ferry, this is not a good thing.. But as for comedy value its cheesetastic, the production and instruments are a bit rough though.
5 Blue_mushroom shouts: Haha, comic, epic.

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