c64Papillons (Rickim Edit)

Arranged by: Dr Future (act)   Veteran
Member: Volker Buckow (Dr Future) (member)
Original composer: Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)
Tune length: 3:26
Release date: 05/09/2010
All-Time rank: 799.
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5 Boz shouts: Great little tune with a huge nod in the direction of Kim Wilde. We love the 80s!
5 Waz shouts: Very 80s, this one. Plenty of good bass groove, and lots of nods to Kim Wilde as well as Boz mentioned. Rather nice all round and well worth a listen.
5 drax shouts: Nice but this tune is originally done by Markus Müller back in 1987 and is called: "Coco_intro. Sid"
4 vurtx shouts: Its nice and clean with good quality sounds, seems like a vocal is missing though
5 LaLa shouts: Ooh, an 80s remix! All the signature sounds are there, arranged very tastefully. And thanks for being the first to provide a remix of this great tune!
4 marcus256 shouts: This is not a bad remix at all, but I lack the power from the original. I've been wainting for a remix of this favorite to come along, so ++ for that.
4 hillsman shouts: Nice tune - not familiar with original tho reminds me of Rambo 3
5 Mayhem shouts: Not a SID I was familiar with, but a very good tune in its own right.
5 NecroPolo shouts: I love the sonic quality. This is an interesting and pioneering take on that fine little tune. Good stuff.
6 Dave1972 shouts: Yeeehaaaa! :) Great one! Know this as
6 brix shouts: I actually give this one a top score - It's just very well made.
6 Tremix shouts: I love this one
4 weasel shouts: Nice one! But in my opinion the 'original' is far more _catchy_ overall!! Maybe another trial here (anyone)??;-)
5 Arcade4ever shouts: Back to the 80's :-), like the sound
5 Melaure shouts: Nice
6 Mitch van Hayden shouts: Perfect 80ies!
5 omoroca shouts: Any similarities with female 80s Pop icons are purely coincidential, I assume!?;-)

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