c64Sanxion (Take it down low)

Arranged by: druu (act)   Remixer
Member: David Wosnitza (druu) (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 4:17
Release date: 09/03/2014
All-Time rank: 282.
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Another one down ;)


I think it was Boz who said Everyone has to make a Sanxion remix

 - and so I did.


Took all my wubwubs down low, shuffled the arrangement a bit, twiddled some knobs and there we are  :-)



In all seriousness:  This tune was great fun to make! Really enjoyed working on it. 

Also, my lovely missus, runs around humming along and can't get it out of her head.

Who'd have thought normal people like the plinky wubs  :-)



Thanks to all enduring my constant WIP  annoyance!


Enjoy yourself  :-)

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6 kwed shouts: Take it down low! ROTY2013's "Best newcomer" winner shows us there's no such thing as "Too many Sanxion remixes". Would love to hear his take on Last Ninja and other classics.
5 Jojje70 shouts: Fun attempt at Sanxion, plus points too for covering more than just the main melody line. Not my favourite genre otherwise, but still very good!
6 mfe shouts: Now this is just fun, and works ridiculously well. Great stuff.
5 ryrynz shouts: Nicely done.
4 iPIv shouts: Good idea, and perfect programmation, but there is not humanity in this type of remix.
6 weasel shouts: Works!!! :-D
6 _steve_ shouts: Who would have thought that Sanxion could be dub stepped in such an awesome manner - with a hint of Inspector Gadget thrown in for good measure
6 Iconoclast shouts: I love where you're going with your remixes! :D
6 NecroPolo shouts: Wub. Enuff said.
5 LaLa shouts: This is definitely NOT how I would've imagined a dubstep Sanxion, but with all its wubbly-wub chaoticness this pegs my fun-o-meter really high!
5 omoroca shouts: Fun(ky)! Added to my collection.
6 In2Oblivion shouts: What a brilliant remix, catchy and fun!!
6 slaygon shouts: Whoa! That is all I am going to say.:)
6 Puutar shouts: The jolly beeping tune mixed with the wubby wobs, wabs and wubs makes this one of the best remixes :D
6 NinjaGoblin shouts: Awesome!!! This works = LOVE IT!!
6 B3L4 shouts: Awesome job. A very interesting approach to Sanxion and the best part: you took care of the whole song not only the main melody. Thank you for your time and work!
6 LMan shouts: Wob wob!
3 loz shouts: Yes that's funky but not fit with the original score

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