c64Cauldron (Drumstep will chew your lips off mix)

Arranged by: Infamous (act)   Veteran
Member: infamous (member)
Original composer: Keith Miller
Tune length: 4:33
Release date: 11/03/2011
All-Time rank: 990.
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I had this tune on the boil for quite some time, never quite sure what I wanted to do with it as it didn't really have much structure too it at the very beginning and to be honest with you mr/miss reader it very nearly didnt materialise either.


But a tempo change (it was originally at 140bpm) to 152 and voila what you have here is a incredibly vicious, nasty little tune .. which I know doesn't follow the original that well but then why would I want it too? yeah the original is a great tune to listen too but if you wan't to listen to the original then I suggest you go listen to the original or some of the 1:1 remixes that are out there that will please you. I like to be different.


So this thing is basically me and NI's massive going off on a bit of a wobbler, there is a few Rob papen blue presets in there too and the predator is whats used to do the main line, drums I cut up and turned into a REX file so I could cut them up and mess about with them like you here and the final AMEN loop is run through a compressor and distortion unit to give it that little extra edge and then again made into a REX file so that I could mess about with it.


I'ts not the most conventional of tunes, its not exactly melodious either but.. it does what it say's its going too do and if you tried to kiss it.. you'd definitely lose your lips.

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REVIEW BY OJ Oscillation (26/03/2011)

another grime style here. hmmm, how does it feel ?
all in one the style is done well, but the synth lead line is set to double speed.
perhaps using it at normal/half speed with dub fx would have done more impact
otherwise there isnt much cauldron feeling (i think) left to the original (i remember the slow groove of this cool tune).
somehow this rmx doesn`t get to the core of the tune. so i consider this rmx as an experimental work.
in the end: give it several tries to experience another point of view to this theme.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 3
Overall: 5

6 LMan shouts: Wow! Complex drum and synth patterns, but with a kind of unnerving lead sound.
6 moog shouts: Sick tune!! :D
6 ferrara shouts: I'm not into drum/dubstep in any level. However this totally gets my thumbsup! =) Cauldron <3
6 pie vs pie shouts: Quality to the power of 10 this has it all gobsmackingly brilliant the edge is right here folks this will go top.... Yes
6 Danceaway shouts: This is deep and complex, great work Infamous.....
4 lomaxx shouts: Doesn't pull me along for some reason. I really wonder why since I do like Hazels "Cauldron II (The Witch Who Stepped in Dub)". Maybe it's because the song is too minimal with a too chaotic beat and the synth sounds plain. It's OK, but not exciting.
5 LaLa shouts: Analog spookiness well-done, but a bit too experimental for my taste.
6 ifadeo shouts: Wow, fuckin' awesome... Great job, mate!!
6 Nada shouts: Oh man... This is exceptional stuff...
5 weasel shouts: Freakyly disturbing... Although I'm totally outta drumstep normally in my general taste!;-)
1 Jac shouts: Technically very good, but impossible to listen to.
2 Aule shouts: There is not much that reminds me on Cauldron in this tune. And the kind of beat is very annoying. Anyway it is kind of boring. I'm missing the alternation.
6 hillsman shouts: Facking lethal - some dark-style D&B that is still Cauldron at heart for me!

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