c64Daley Thompson's Decathlon Tape Loader

Arranged by: Isacco Garcia Peveri (act)   Veteran
Member: Isacco Garcia Peveri (Isacco1975) (member)
Original composer: David Dunn & Martin Galway
Tune length: 3:46
Release date: 24/06/2013
All-Time rank: 3073.
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4 LaLa shouts: Big minus points for starting the remix with the decompression garble - OUCH! Also, this being a remix of a remix (YMO's Rydeen being the original), my opinion of it is lowered even further. But the drums and bass are really good.
4 NecroPolo shouts: Back in time I knew this SID first then I realised years later it's a cover as I listened to it on vinyl by Yellow Magic Orchestra, somewhere in the '80s. It is a quite decent remix of that SID.

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