c64Rambo Loader

Arranged by: Johan Andersson (act)   Veteran
Member: Johan Andersson (Jojje70) (member)
Original composer: Martin Galway
Tune length: 3:10
Release date: 05/04/2009
All-Time rank: 2639.
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4 Dr-Duke shouts: Like the idea and the arrangement, but dosn't really move my butt in the chair. Much more better Rambo Loader tunes out there... Sorry!:)
4 The SIE shouts: Like the arrangement too. If only u had left out some false notes almost on the end.
4 condor shouts: It would be better if it was harder on drums, louder on guitars
4 LaLa shouts: Drums are too soft for the hard guitars. Arrangement is uninspiring and lacks punchiness.
5 Zilog shouts: Nice but something too soft, not punchy enough about it, but hey we've had our share of "heroic" Rambo tunes eh? Something nice & different here

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