c64Monty On The Run (Steve Moore Cowbell Mix)

Arranged by: Karl R Pettersen (act)   Veteran
Member: beathoven (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 8:01
Release date: 31/07/2011
All-Time rank: 3149.
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3 Boz shouts: Hmm... It's a little bit of a mess unfortunately. Way too much high-end which pierces your ears and some questionable choices of instruments. It could have been much better than this.
3 CookieMonster64 shouts: Not bad, but not good either. Too bassy and a few dodgy chords
5 SarahKreuz shouts: Totally insane - love it
4 LaLa shouts: Somewhat eclectic, which is not bad per se, but overall, I find the arrangement on the simple side and the instrumentation unrefined.
4 pie vs pie shouts: It is very mad but so is the sid well done on that
4 ulfepulf shouts: More cowbell!

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