c64Ghosts n Goblins (Revised)

Arranged by: LMan & Larsec   Remixer
Members: Lars Erhardt Christensen (larsec), Markus Klein (LMan)
Original composer: Mark Cooksey
Tune length: 6:08
Release date: 08/02/2004
All-Time rank: 209.
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Ghosts n Goblins (Revised)

This is the revised version of the first (but hopefully not the last) cooperation between LMan & Larsec.


The hard contrast between classical instruments and heavy industrial drums is in fact inspired by the original SID.

Previous remixes of Ghosts 'n Goblins had none or very little emphasis on Mark Cooksey's freaky funky drum-part. That makes them propably more enjoyable for the mainstream - but if you consider yourself an open-minded listener, give our lil' remake a shot, and after listening once or twice you might just realise that it fits into the original SID's mood pretty well...


People mentioned the cheesyness of the intro. Of course it is cheesy, it has to be (or as Guybrush T. would put it Oh, that is so cliché!)


The revised version is mixed and mastered from scratch. There are a few changes in the choice of instruments, and there's also some added accompaniment.


- The LMen -

Larsec's Footnote

Actually Markus did most of the work on this one.
I mostly just deleted stuff... And gave him inspiration
I did manage to get an accordian
and some drums inthere

Ghosts n Goblins (Revised)
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REVIEW BY tchbrutal (18/01/2005)

This remix is wonderful!!
I´ve always enjoyed the game a lot,probably due to the music,but this version simply rules!
It makes me think of Bram Stoker´s Dracula.
Superb choise of instruments!!
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY echoxbass (08/03/2004)

Spooooky this one...if there will ever be a PC-3d-FP-shooter-RPG,this is the tune for it :-)
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

6 soppa shouts: This remix shines in every respect, I couldn't imagine better choice of instruments for this one, and the feel is just right! What an excellent collaboration!
5 liontamer shouts: The beats were thick as hell and the energy level was excellent! Hope the LMen bring another collab to the table!
6 strobe shouts: Crazy!
6 wavedancer shouts: Almost better than original :)
5 montymole shouts: Close to the original but own enough for an good remix.
4 omoroca shouts: Interesting!
5 aildrek shouts: Very good - and, yes, "interesting"... ^^ An acoustic adventure.
6 trapdoor shouts: What a originally remix... Perfect
6 Ivar Reiss shouts: This has to be my favorite track here... I don't think I can imagine a better way of the original SID being "brought to life"...
6 Reverend Kirdneh shouts: Shiny Captain!:-)
6 Melaure shouts: Congratulations!
6 Dr.Piotr shouts: Great!!!!
6 T-Tracker shouts: Very enjoyable! Especially that break in the middle; ambiental chords followed by mandolins and accordeon...
6 Rapture shouts: Loved the game and the soundtrack as kid already! Great remix man!

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