c64Turrican I Loader (The Machine Is Back)

Arranged by: LMan (act)   Veteran
Member: Markus Klein (LMan) (member)
Original composer: Stefan Hartwig
Tune length: 2:58
Release date: 03/08/2002
All-Time rank: 1070.
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Turrican I Loader (The Machine Is Back)
This is the (thoroughly) reworked version of my LManic Machine Mix, which I had released in early 2001. I hope this gives fellow Turricanatics some good flashbacks!

  • Thanks to Stefan Hartwig and Neil for your valuable feedback at the beta stages of the remix!

  • Kisses go out to my lovely Sunflower!

  • Greetz to the Remix64 community!

Feedback is always welcome, and remember, SHOOT OR DIE!

Turrican I Loader (The Machine Is Back)
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4 omoroca shouts: Doesn't excite me much! But technically very good!
5 migu shouts: Nice, punchy remix!

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