c64Dexion Demo (Louder Than Satan Mix)

Arranged by: Makke (act)   Veteran
Member: Marcus Nilsson (Makke) (member)
Original composer: Future Freak
Tune length: 3:51
Release date: 01/10/2004
All-Time rank: 2307.
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6 Waz shouts: Now this is great fun, it really captures the feel of the original and sounds just gritty and edgy enough. Excellent work.
4 gol shouts: Cool, reminds me of konami's crime fighters soundtrack
5 Dumper shouts: Very catchy, top stuff.
5 vosla shouts: No red smiley because I really expected some funny vocals here. Additionally, could have used heavy guitars. Hey, still very good!
5 LMan shouts: Good effort, but I can't quite befriend the style.
3 omoroca shouts: I don't like the way all the sounds blur into each other here. Muddy sound picture!
6 tomconte shouts: Super! One of my favourite C64 tunes! Great remix!

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