Moonshine Racers (One-Toothed Billy-Bob's Band Mix

Track info
Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
Composed by:
Richard Joseph
All-Time charts position:
Absolutley brilliant! All I can say!
Yee-haw! Makes me wanna marry my sister... One thing that Makke consistently does is mimic a genre of music perfectly, and this is no exception. Rednex should hire him now!
I do wanna give this a red one, but with the risk of Makke flogging me, I need to say it gets too stale within it's own genre. Sorry.=)
OMG! What genre isn't covered by Makke by now?:-)
It's hectic, but nice!
Typival fast style of RJ and makke has done it again - makke get a job with voice overs please - bloody awesome work
Even that Makke remixed this one... I don't feel the spirit of the original here. Surely it's a very great idea and professional mixing but it does'nt give me a hype here to set an orange one...
Eeeehehe! Good stuff! I'm sure a tempo-raise towards the end would have made it even more speedy!
*hmmm* Is there ANY voice that Makke can't do? Just brilliant!
This Obelisk carries AmigaRemix.
Yeah! Is he working for O'Brothers 2??? :D
It is good very good cool idea great remix still it isn't what I expected
Nice idea, well done!

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