c64Ode to my C64 [Hammerfist]

Arranged by: Makke (act)   Veteran
Member: Marcus Nilsson (Makke) (member)
Original composer: Tomas Danko
Tune length: 3:56
Release date: 08/02/2001
All-Time rank: 448.
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REVIEW BY LaLa (04/02/2003)

This cover is pretty unique because it has lyrics! And I don`t mean synthetized, over-vocoded voices, but a real human singing! It also has cameo appearances by the evil Atombender dude from Impossible Mission and the I-Ball guy. Not much I can comment about the lyrics itself, but I thought I mention that I`d recommend everybody to download this unique gem.
Technical Impression: 0
Artistic Impression: 0
Nostalgic Impression: 0
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY Chris Abbott (23/01/2003)

In this tune, the point is not what is covered (Hammerfist), it's a complete song devoted to the C64 in Depeche Mode stylee. And it's brilliant executed. Just download it!
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 1
Overall: 5

6 maverickbna shouts: Keep up the good work, Makke! Let's hear more in this style!
5 omoroca shouts: Great! The "Then the Amiga came and took my heart from you" verse is sooo sad! ;-) Added to my collection.
6 Amok shouts: Coooooool......:)
6 nummer2 shouts: Nice Sound, nice lyrics (: sooo cool
5 Idiotoflinux shouts: This made a post-commodore-teen nostalgic (me)
6 Zilog shouts: Lovely!

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