AmigaWeird Personalities

Arranged by: Makke (act)   Veteran
Member: Marcus Nilsson (Makke) (member)
Original composer: Gustav Grefberg (Lizardking)
Release date: 13/09/2007
All-Time rank: 336.
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5 firefox shouts: I cant remember the original but this sounds really good. Nuff said, groove on!
5 floaf shouts: Professional sound as usual. I just can't sit still when listening :-)
5 Ziphoid shouts: True to the original and at the same time really nicely enhanced. Nice mixing and bounciness as well. Good stuff.:)
4 XxDUSTYxX shouts: The mixing is very nice, but the slapped Bass sounds too much 'synthi' and these effected leads (0:00-0:22) really get on my nerves.
5 Dr Future shouts: It's funny when Makke claims "flawed and all". To my ears this is a flawless remix, excellent use of instruments 'n samples. As Firefox says: Groove on!
5 chilli_uk shouts: Not your best work - but still gets very good because it bloody well is - nice one
5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Weird but great. Well done.^^

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