c64Battle Ships (Russian Ed)

Arranged by: Mano (act)   Veteran
Member: Mano (member)
Original composer: Mark Cooksey
Tune length: 4:01
Release date: 14/04/2015
All-Time rank: 189.
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6 Dr Future shouts: Well, it has everything I can think of when expecting an Russian Edit. Cool!
6 LMan shouts: Mano, this is crazy.
6 monty shouts: Brilliant idea and execution!
6 Jojje70 shouts: This is great! Very nice idea and arrangement, I love the sounds and atmosphere of the tune!
6 Mordi shouts: Cool!
6 mfe shouts: All it needs is a few Vitas vocals, and... Okay, no. This is just great.
6 LaLa shouts: Definitely Russian! :-) The style is spot on, and it's executed really well!
6 NecroPolo shouts: Gimme my salvo torpedos - raz dva tree chyetirye - and a shot of vodka, dorogiy comrad :) You captured the exact feeling in my mind when I played that game back in time.
4 omoroca shouts: Not bad, but some slight percussion would make it a whole lot nicer!
6 Empee shouts: Authentic, really sounds Russian. Anybody kazachok dance? :D
4 uanito shouts: Good, but lacking of something..
6 Double_maggic shouts: I'm russian and this one is great
4 neglesaks shouts: IN SOVIET RUSSIA, SHIP SINK *YOU*

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