c641942 (Orchestral)

Arranged by: Miguel F Ettema (act)   Veteran
Member: Miguel Ettema (mfe) (member)
Original composer: Mark Cooksey
Tune length: 5:14
Release date: 02/07/2005
All-Time rank: 247.
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First of all, I'll thank Jan for allowing this remix to be featured on RKO.

This piece is a good example of why you should research SIDs before you remix ;) I had no idea the SID was based on the movie "633rd Squadron" until I referenced the SID database to check a few things in the melody :P

I've never heard the original score of the movie, and likely never will, thus my effort is based solely on the SID and my own orchestral experience of such styled music; I have no idea if it follows the instrumentation of the original score or not! This mix does, however, include subtunes 2 and 3, which I'm hoping are not part of the movie score, though there is no mention of this on the database, so that much remains a "pure" SID remix in that respect.

Anyway, I hope the folks enjoy this effort; it'll be the last for a while, thanks to more demanding projects in life at the moment. Eventually, I'll have to get around to doing Hunter Patrol in the same genre, but likely after I've tried a few other ideas.


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REVIEW BY winc (08/10/2005)


This remake of a classic c64 game (if not a classic arcade game!) is just perfect! You are left with the feeling of... why has it taken so long to hear something like this?!

You feel that you need to have a band play this, and if it wasn't for the "synth" feel to some of the instruments used, this would be a winner at any matching band competation.

The part where the flute takes over by itself was one of my favourite points, and the mixing of the whole track is well done, almost nothing to fault there as you can hear all the tracks well (and boy it sounds great on headphones!) In fact the only thing I can fault is the way some of the tracks sound "synth" and that is a very hard one to prevent especially if you are using synth's.

Overall a great classical piece that really does the original honour!

I certainly can't wait to hear your next piece!
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY ncd (18/04/2006)

Great cover of an old classic. Managed to get hold of the tune the original SID was based on, and the arrangement in this remix is actually better than the original, especially since this cover incorporates the marvelous high-score sub-tune found it the game.

My only gripe, and this has been mentioned several times already, is the "synth" sound of some of the instruments. Down one point in technical merit, there. But listening to the arrangement, I'd be hard pressed to find a fault, so a full score in that department. The nostalgia is a dead given.

Someone should get this guy in touch with a real orchestra, that would be like christmas, summer holiday and my birthday all at once!

Great work, rock solid!
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY ryrynz (19/07/2013)

I think this is quite possibly the best remix ever done.

Everything is pretty much perfect.

Takes the original and makes is golden.

I don't know how some of you guys only rate this as good for minor things, I've seen good remixes sound nowhere near what this manages to pull off. Good for not being perfect? C'mon!
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

5 Dan shouts: Excellent use of instruments which create a GREAT atmosphere, shame its a cover
6 Tas shouts: For me the best remix of the year by far. The structure, the sound picture.. Oh its amazing piece of work. I know its a cover, but this still is sooooo good
5 Waz shouts: A really nice piece on the whole with lots of atmosphere and very well chosen instruments. Even if it is a cover of 633rd Squadron in the main, it's an admirable effort, captain!
5 rollercoaster shouts: Oh, that makes your heart smiling!
6 q__ shouts: Yep, best remix ever for me.
6 load_error shouts: Ahhhhh this is great!! Mount out the troops!!!! I'm for remixes not for covers, but this deserves a RED FACE!
6 infamous shouts: Ownage... Absolutely tremendous tune.
6 ifadeo shouts: Brilliant masterpiece of remix art!
6 Dumper shouts: Captures the whole war feeling perfectly, great remix.
6 vosla shouts: Very immersing tune! And it's not just a cover.
4 LaLa shouts: A highly unrealistic brass section ruins this otherwise promising piece. The arrangement is great, so this would sound awesome with a real orchestra - but as it stands, it's too synthy for me.
5 devilhood shouts: Really lovely arrangement, the orchestral sounds aren't really that bad, nice work!
4 cicalone shouts: Good, but no drum...
4 romeo_knight shouts: Sorry, but I can't share the enthusiasm about artificial sounding score-type remixes. It's very well arranged though.
6 LMan shouts: Everyone spring to arms! The fact that the arranger based this solely on the SID, and the gereat incorporation of the highscore subtune should exceptionally justify an publication at RKO, in my opinion. Very well done!
5 eliot shouts: Instruments are not realistic, but some parts of the arrangment are very nicely done, except the flutes at 0:12 *argl*. It was not easy to decide yellow or orange, but compared to other uploads it gets a shiny orange ;-)
6 Quarex shouts: This is fantastic. So happy! I feel like I accomplished a great deed just hearing the song.
6 snorski shouts: Brilliant variation on a brilliant theme!
5 anaconda shouts: I don't like orchestral remixes, as they tend to be dull, slow and not very lively in general. This tune is the far opposite! The instruments, song, everything is very good!! I'm impressed.
6 nettuno shouts: I can't belive to my... Ears!
4 _steve_ shouts: Lovely arrangement, but the sounds are a little too synthetic. Rework the orchestral sounds and it would be so much better.
6 westerling shouts: You´re very musical Miguel. This is outstanding!
6 dacke shouts: Fantastic, really cought the original
6 hulken shouts: FUCKING EXCELLENT!
6 hillsman shouts: Exhilarating - great atmosphere and really grows on you. Fabulous!
6 karter shouts: This really impressed me.
6 humorguy shouts: Chocks away. Bandits 12 O;clock.... Watch out for those Zero's! It's alright Sir, recognise the pattern! Tally Ho!!!! Nice one sid!
3 omoroca shouts: Arrgh! Sounds like a MIDI played on an 8-Bit wavetable soundcard! Overrated! But I'll give it an "Average".
2 zine shouts: Don't like fake orchestra
6 Arash NL shouts: Brought tears to my eyes...
6 Sodden shouts: Fake orchestra... Or not,, it´s magic. Make me smile..
6 Mendion shouts: Absolutely awesome! The instruments used to do this tune are simply perfect. I was totally envolved by the atmosphere.10/10. Period.
6 Mrcookie shouts: The original could learn from this.
6 ryrynz shouts: This tune is amazing. I will love it till the day I die.. Seriously.. It's fucking EPIC and a masterpiece, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! . Dude, If you redid this with a real orchestra, you would be a god.. No joke.
6 Jojje70 shouts: Very well done! And I love how you included the high score theme as well. This is quite brilliant if you ask me.
4 drm shouts: Well played but we've heard 633 squadron before only with real brass instruments on countless military CD's

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