AmigaAmberstar #11 - Ode to Schnism

Arranged by: Mitch van Hayden (act)   Remixer
Member: Mitch van Hayden (member)
Original composer: Jochen Hippel
Release date: 08/08/2012
All-Time rank: 122.
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6 Trackah123 shouts: Nice beat :) catchy tune!
6 lomaxx shouts: I'm a very big fan of the original soundtrack. Quite funny what you did to Schnism. And technically flawless (for my ears). Just this Pure-Unz-Party-Style is not 100% mine. But hell that's not the songs fault.
6 Rorian shouts: Great job, thank you, 'll put on my ami-party playlist for next time and I'll be drinking and dancing to your tune even if I don't like so much tekkno
5 Mordi shouts: Quality mixing as usual from van Hayden.
5 ryrynz shouts: Catchy.
6 Isacco1975 shouts: Little muddy but great mix :)

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