c64Dying High (in a classical way)

Arranged by: Mitch van Hayden (act)   Veteran
Member: Mitch van Hayden (member)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel
Tune length: 4:31
Release date: 16/05/2009
All-Time rank: 714.
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6 bastard shouts: A Jeroen Tel tune that I didn't know? ! With shame I must admit that I tend to rank remixes of sids that I know higher than the unknown ones, so I guess that makes this smiley even bigger. I can't wait to hear more from you mr. Van Hayden.
5 YogibearRenoise shouts: Nice! It really begins to sound good when the drums come in!
3 Evil Knevil shouts: Just average to me, sorry. You can do better, I know!
3 Satanarchist shouts: Great arrangement, but synthesised strings on top of "Phil Collins" rock drums just sound cheesy to me.
5 Amok shouts: Awesome arrangement. Mixing could be better, though...
6 Chainsaw shouts: Very great and just perfect. Thank you for this awesome song.
5 drax shouts: I like the original and I like the idea in the remix but I really gets annoyed when the notes aren't correct in the melody... Sorry... Still good..
4 Ic3m4n shouts: New Name = New Style? :) Good Stuff! But: Alle haben irgendwie Recht ;) Deshalb nehm ick die goldene Mitte (mit Tendenz zum Guten).
5 condor shouts: To bad that there is no variation in the drums.
5 LaLa shouts: You've nailed the classical pop style that Italians can do so well. Minor problems remain in the instrumentation and mixing, but that's about it.
5 omoroca shouts: Extra kudos for the surprise with the drums! Mike Tyson would love this. :-) The synth orchestra sounds as real as it can, but of course not comparable with the C64 orchestra or Symphonic Shades!
4 RemixFan shouts: Castlevania style.
5 knotti shouts: Very nice Track. Tolles Werk ;)
6 brix shouts: I'll make it short: this is outstanding! Could be the score for a movie.
6 Melaure shouts: +1 with brix
5 Martijn shouts: Jeroen Tel did the original track for a game we made that sadly never really say the light of day at the time. You can get it from gtw64. Co. Uk now though!

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