c64Agent X 2

Arranged by: Mordi (act)   Veteran
Member: Mordi (member)
Original composer: Tim Follin
Tune length: 2:38
Release date: 15/02/2009
All-Time rank: 887.
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Heavily inspired by Jogeir Liljedahl's version (From Back In Time 3).

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6 moog shouts: That's the only way how this tune is supposed to sound like :) perfect choice of sounds!
5 nummer2 shouts: Nice feeling I really like it
5 migu shouts: Sehr gut!
4 condor shouts: Amazing sounds, but drums are ruining it completely.
5 load_error shouts: Very spacey sounds. A Pleasure for the ears.
6 Danceaway shouts: Very nice remix of a GREAT C64 TRACK.... Tim Follin did some amazing 64 tracks that where up there with Hubbard.... Mordi top stuff..... I like it.....
4 prowler shouts: Cool spacy sound, but the song is not that interesting and the arrangement isn't helping it up enough...
5 chilli_uk shouts: The spectrum version always rocked for the 4 channels he created - c64 was blandish but you have recreated it atmospherically nice
5 LaLa shouts: Plus points for technicality, big minus points for essentially copying Liljedahl's arrangement.
5 NecroPolo shouts: You really like Liljedahl's work, eh? ;) It's a very difficult SID to remix. This one is properly executed.
5 balloonhead shouts: Great remix. Short End
5 omoroca shouts: Wonderful version! Added to my collection.

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