c64Liljedahl is God (Green Beret+Rambo)

Arranged by: Mordi (act)   Veteran
Member: Mordi (member)
Original composer: Martin Galway
Tune length: 7:14
Release date: 11/03/2009
All-Time rank: 122.
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A remix of a remix.
Jogeir Liljedahl made a fantastic remix of Rambo and Green Beret, which can be found at www.plopbox.net and www.modarchive.com (in .xm format). He named it Galway is God (also known as God = Martin Galway).

I switched the arrangement up and added some vocal elements. I also took one sample from the original .xm, namely the ahh sample heard throughout the whole song.

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REVIEW BY LaLa (14/03/2009)

A remix of a remix (of a sort-of-remix!), hmm...

It's tough for me to give you high praise for the arrangement because most of it comes from Liljedahl's brilliant remix and the part that never fails to give me goosebumps (even here) - the Green Beret part - is present in this remix almost unmodified (and it's even repeated several times, which I do like). The only big change here, of course, is the switcharoo between the Rambo and Green Beret sections.

I'm also not too impressed by the relatively soft lead sounds which almost make the melody line disappear. They are drowned out by all the other stuff going on. Have a listen to the "Galway is God 2000" version from the BIT II album which enhanced the original MOD/XM even further by making the lead sharp and pronounced, which to me sounds more appealing.

But that's actually only a minor complaint of mine about the technical side of your piece, because all in all, it's a technically very impressive remix. Artistically it's also very impressive - but only because of Liljedahl's talents.

BTW, somebody noted it's very Jarre-like. I laughed out loud - of course it is, since Galway's original Green Beret SID is inspired by Jarre's "Night in Shanghai" to begin with...
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY OJ Oscillation (01/05/2009)

i really love the tracker file that i have of this piece. this rmx takes it to the same level with some additional fills like the vocoder like female hook. the bass goes deep and the lead cares a very feelfull mood. a bit dull in two arrangment parts of it imho, could be a bit brighter. the whole tune is very atmospheric and transparent. everytime i get lifted by this tune. if you like soulfull music, this one is a "have to have it".
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

6 nummer2 shouts: Wow what a beginning it blows me far far away :D great stuff
5 nicodaemus shouts: The original was a bit more diversified, but I like what you made of the tracker tune. The beginning really blows you away, though. Great stuff.
5 bastard shouts: It's beautyful... A long time since we got some decent classic Martin Galway! Thanks
6 YogibearRenoise shouts: They don't come better than this! Can't stop listening!
6 pezz shouts: Fantastic re-make of one my most favourite mods ever. Love it.
6 Amok shouts: Great!
6 RemixFan shouts: The beginning and the end are perfect! Thanks.
5 xgener8or shouts: I agree with the others, the beginning is really realyl awesome. When the vocal part started it was a bit of a letdown, and it got a bit boring after that. But top marks for the other parts, especially the beginning.
6 prowler shouts: A pleasure listening to, even though the vocals didn't fit 100% with the rest
5 infamous shouts: Typical mordi stuff, cant fault him for his productivity or the sound that he has taken as his own.
5 Master Baator shouts: Newcomers out there; listen to Mordi's work, if you consider remixing... The vocal (filtered and non-filtered) is beautiful, the melodic chords and the small details in the composition. You are really good, Mordi.. (A dark orange face for more my taste)
6 dragonkiss shouts: This is one of those remakes thats makes my day!!!!!! Outstanding vote for you!!
6 condor shouts: Yes, this one is great.
6 Capitaine shouts: Vocals weren't needed but great track anyway!
6 chilli_uk shouts: I do like this - its rough in a nice way - some of the notes are a little rough in the same way the sid made some tunes sound a little rough - So jarre like - but the overall track is come in your pants material - GREAT WORK!
6 Chainsaw shouts: This is great. (And I love the Green Beret Melody)
6 Caboose shouts: Clearly a leap forward for you, Mordi. AWESOME.
5 Fredrik shouts: One of my favorites! And it is gonna stay there.
6 Brosa shouts: Excellent work and nice sounds!
5 O-san shouts: I like it, but the vocals are a bit off for me.
6 mace shouts: So pure, so beautiful. Another masterpiece from Mr Excellence.
6 snorski shouts: I have no idea how this is rambo / green beret related, but I like the smoothand dreamy feel to it.... Nice track....
6 Traumatic shouts: Nice tune - its carrying me away!
6 Mayhem shouts: Normally I pass over covers of remixes, but this one happens to be a bit different, and perhaps better than the original...
6 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Outstanding remix and very nice quality. Love it!
5 tony.rc shouts: A very nice trip back to Jogeir Liljedahl's work on BIT2 but he is still king
6 The SIE shouts: A Masterpiece! As usually. Mordi, u did it again :)
5 Amiga500plus shouts: Very nice remix!
1 Evil Knevil shouts: Overrated to the max! Liljedahl is God, but this is just a weird copy!
6 weasel shouts: I LOOOOVED the good old XM remix of this one! And NOW we've got THIS 'updated' version of it! How F**kin' great is THAT now!? PERFECT!
6 horizoner shouts: Outstanding. Awesome. Great Work. I Love it. Can´t wait to hear your next one
5 Nebdar shouts: Very good job, but I don't know why this track is missing something, because it feels a little boring and without proper soul of the track
6 NecroPolo shouts: Fine remix of a wonderful remix. Is it possible to date the Aperture Science girl doing vocals...?:)
6 The Dude shouts: One of the best remixes I have ever heard :):)
6 basheim shouts: Great!
6 jaset shouts: Simply outstanding
5 datucker shouts: Great remix - I am an official Mordi-fan now!
6 Zatuffli shouts: Haaa, its so nice! Masterpiece! :D
6 omoroca shouts: Mordi=Jogeir? This is fantastic! Added to my collection.
3 denise shouts: Quite flat mix
6 DHS shouts: This remix is a masterpiece.
4 zapp shouts: Good piece.

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