c64Resolution (2008)

Arranged by: Mordi (act)   Veteran
Member: Mordi (member)
Original composer: Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
Tune length: 4:37
Release date: 17/07/2008
All-Time rank: 854.
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5 prowler shouts: Not bad at all - a quite enjoyable piece in it's own simplicity.
5 Amok shouts: The mixing is a bit loud... Imho... Nevertheless a really nice tune. Very good...
5 LaLa shouts: The lead instrument is a bit too whiney especially at higher notes. Otherwise, a great remix, nicely done.
5 _steve_ shouts: Simple, minimal in places, but really enjoyable. The lead could be toned down just a tad though.
5 maindrian shouts: Bizarre sounding, but strangely hypnotic. This is music for space aliens. The opening is possibly the most filmic I've ever heard here. I'd have liked it to carry on in a similar style, but the rest is too quirky not to like.
6 fatal_error shouts: It realy stands out I Havn't heard anything like it before. It sounds realy wierd. Just make more like it!!!
6 Nebdar shouts: Love this one. Nicely choosen sounds
5 condor shouts: At some points brilliant, at some good.
6 Zilog shouts: Loooooovely!!!!
3 omoroca shouts: I prefer the 2011 version.

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