c64Last Mission

Arranged by: MRT (act)   Veteran
Member: Tomasz Inglot (mrt) (member)
Original composer: David Whittaker
Tune length: 4:45
Release date: 28/02/2017
All-Time rank: 273.
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Last Mission

I have spent a lot of money on arcade version of Last Mission. CBM version was sounded by David Whittaker. This ingame music is unforgetable for me. Not a classic C64 sid-tune but deserves for a little remake IMO.  Enjoy!

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REVIEW BY Snout (17/04/2017)

Nice thumping track throughout, not much I can say really, it's a great rework of an already good tune. It's one that will burrow right into your head and be a solid earworm.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 5

5 Dr Future shouts: Solid production.
5 LaLa shouts: Wonderful lead sounds, but what really tickles my fancy is when halfway through the slap bass comes in. Schweeeet!
6 680xx shouts: The best feeling in the world - when you have no expections and you get THIS. Superb.
6 Ripper7575 shouts: Oh yes this is great... Well done
5 Amiga500plus shouts: Niiiiice!
6 Marcus shouts: I can't remember the game but the song is beautifully done.
5 Kate Eternal shouts: I really like that!
6 Shark shouts: Great work again!!!
5 Snout shouts: Great background work music, and I mean that in the best possible way. :D

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