c64Stationary Ark (Piano Version)

Arranged by: omoroca (act)   Veteran
Member: Kim Homann (omoroca) (member)
Original composer: Georg Feil
Tune length: 3:21
Release date: 04/07/2016
All-Time rank: 1828.
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Stationary Ark (Piano Version)

 Thanks to my dear neighbour Mattis for letting me record this on his digital Yamaha P-155 piano!


The title of the original SID is actually Synth Sample, but the first time I heard it was in the Stationary Ark Demo, which was very impressive for me at that time. What I like most about this tune is this subtle sadness that's it's got to it, which I tried to put in my piano play, too. Enjoy!

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5 drm shouts: That's a nice emotional tune...
5 LaLa shouts: The arrangement is on the simple side, but it's nicely played.
5 Lem18 shouts: Very nice. I had The Zapper's S3M version of this when I had my Amiga.
6 ChrisBond shouts: Very nice - love it - thank you for that piece of music

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