c64Cybernoid II (halfway unplugged)

Arranged by: pie vs pie (act)   Remixer
Member: pie vs pie (member)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
Tune length: 4:04
Release date: 18/01/2011
All-Time rank: 2349.
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Originally had a house style drum track which was removed after constructed feedback ,,and rightly so I think it makes for a more intimate guitar sound, this took around nine hours to record and mix ..yes the arrangment is simplified but Ilike to start slowly and build up my mixing skills before I attempt any lavish productions

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4 Boz shouts: Nice 'live' feel about this piece and it wouldn't feel out of place in an 'MTV Unplugged' session. Good work!
4 bastard shouts: Nice guitar handling, but the composition doesn't really work.
4 LaLa shouts: A tad too many liberties were taken with the original arrangement for the sake of playability, and I think it diminishes the value of it. Kudos for trying, kudos for the idea!
1 RemixFan shouts: Miles away from Cybernoid II [feat Jennie and Kylie]Mordi.
4 Arne shouts: Good one - I like this remake but the rhythm guitar sounds a bit too hectically. All in all good one.
4 StephS shouts: I like this! I think the second half turned out better than the first, but overall it's enjoyable.
5 Martijn shouts: Original interpretation and interesting execution. I like it!

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