AmigaDesert Dream Part One

Arranged by: pinozulpo (act)   Veteran
Member: pinozulpo (member)
Original composer: Anders E. Hansen (Laxity)
Release date: 09/07/2005
All-Time rank: 710.
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6 pvanukoff shouts: Very nice! The background loop could have been more varied though...
4 Dumper shouts: Not as good as the other DD remixes but still a nice attempt.
3 infamous shouts: Not enough variation and the sound is pretty terrible.. But it's not a bad tune.. Could have been alot better though
4 M.A.F shouts: Good tune.. Goes in circles though and that background modulation is annoying...
3 siggy_galaen shouts: A bit too cheesy remix in my opinion (The flute theme is too staccato, and the background trance sounds are a bit funny)
5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Well done. Fast and good!

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70% (12 votes)


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