c64Plastic Pop

Arranged by: Pino Zulpo (act)   Veteran
Member: pinozulpo (member)
Original composer: Tomas Danko
Tune length: 2:59
Release date: 14/05/2008
All-Time rank: 2772.
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6 maverickbna shouts: I love the variations on a theme! I also like the variety in the drum loops. Keep up the good work!
3 Amok shouts: Sorry, but it sounds like an amiga module to me...
3 Scyphe shouts: I have to agree with Amok here. Are the drums sampled in mono?
4 migu shouts: Quite retro but I like it.
4 prowler shouts: Good transitions and the beat is very catch! But the sound is a bit "flat" or "mono" sounding... Different instruments and better mastering could have made this remix outstanding!
3 LMan shouts: Nice arrangement, weaknesses at production.
3 brix shouts: Sounds very retro, which is not bad, but rather average. Can't compete with Anthony Norris' remix.
4 LaLa shouts: Sounds like an old mono MOD. Some nice ideas in there but having heard Danko's own cover version this just doesn't measure up to it.
3 nicodaemus shouts: Lacks sound quality. I could work on my EQ settings all day and would not be able to make it sound good. A simple fade-out of the tune is also not very nice. The idea is there, but it really sounds like plastic poop.
4 anaconda shouts: Ok version of the tune. One of the better. Not too midi'ish, even though the drums could have been done a bit better.
3 Makke shouts: Too weak production, and I think I spot a few wrong notes.
6 Capitaine shouts: Amazing! I'm a fan of italodance. You got the spirit, this is far better than the original!

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