c64The Last Ninja - Stage 1

Arranged by: Poloskei, Gergely   Remixer
Original composer: Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
Tune length: 3:51
Release date: 31/05/2016
All-Time rank: 1426.
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REVIEW BY Mikrucio (01/06/2016)

Its a excellent metalesc remix! very rythmic and a very fresh take on the old tune. the solo is better than the original
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY Johnnyschuhkraft (01/06/2016)

This should be the main music for the new last ninja video game! its too good
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

4 noisefloor Bjoern shouts: Nice one. The sounds could use a little more "motion" and the guitar solo is a little away from the original. But overall, nice one!
5 LaLa shouts: A pretty good rendition with a good arrangement. The overall mix sounds a tad muddy (too much reverb on the individual instruments? ), but otherwise it's very enjoyable. Dö lászt nindzsa rúlz!:)
6 Mikrucio shouts: EXCELLENT!
6 Johnnyschuhkraft shouts: Oh my! This makes me jizz my pants!
4 Dumper shouts: Not bad, sounds a bit muddy though. Why are you reviewing your own remix Mikrucio?
5 bastard shouts: Finally a Last Ninja remix...:-/
5 Commando 64 shouts: Very nice guitar playing :)
4 NecroPolo shouts: This tune is immortal. I can't really buddy-buddy with the heavy reverb. It's a decent rendition anyway but how did you come to the decision that you rate and review your own remix? C'mon man, don't be your own fanboy...
4 ChrisBond shouts: Good ideas, good arragement, good sounds but to much high frequencies - ah my ears - need a little work on it - I like it!

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